Doracle DAO

Doracle DAO will play a significant role in the development and governance of Doracle. The primary purpose of the Doracle DAO is to facilitate community participation and democratic decision-making. It will provide a platform for members of the Doracle community to engage in the development and governance processes of Doracle in an equitable and transparent manner.

The Doracle DAO will have the following key responsibilities:

Governance Decisions

The Doracle DAO will be responsible for formulating and implementing important decisions concerning Doracle, including protocol updates, partner selection, fund allocation, and more. Community members will participate in the decision-making process through voting rights to ensure fairness and democracy in decision-making.

Fund Management

The Doracle DAO will oversee the management of the funds maintained by Doracle, which will support project development, marketing, community activities, and other initiatives. DAO members will be able to propose fund allocation and vote on the usage and distribution plans.

Community Engagement

The Doracle DAO will encourage active participation from community members in the development and promotion of Doracle. Community members will have the opportunity to contribute ideas, share experiences, engage in technical discussions, and collaborate in driving innovation and progress within Doracle.

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