DRC Token

The token of Doracle is called DRC, with a total supply of 1000 trillion tokens. DRC serves as the utility token and governance token for Doracle.

DRC is used as the payment token for accessing data and utilizing the services provided by Doracle. Users need to hold sufficient DRC to pay for the data they require.

DRC also functions as the governance token for Doracle, allowing token holders to participate in important decision-making processes. This ensures community members can engage in Doracle's governance and influence the project's development and decisions.

Doracle aims to achieve the following objectives leveraging DRC:

Incentivize data providers to share accurate and valuable data, thereby promoting data source diversity and quality within Doracle.

Encourage validator nodes to participate in the data verification and consensus processes, ensuring data reliability and security.

Engage community members who hold DRC in Doracle's governance decisions, ensuring their voices are heard and influencing the project's development.

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